Why Mullets?

The question that I get asked the most, is “why mullets? Like what do you do?”  And the answer is always the same, “you have to see it for yourself.” I know that’s a bullshit answer from the guy that’s selling mullets, but it’s truly the reason that we started this in the first place. […]

Memento Mullet

Covid -19 and Why You Should Pretend It’s the Last Party You’ll Ever Throw What would your party look like if everyone raged like it was their last night on earth?  Chaos.  It might seem liberating, but in truth it would be fucking out of hand.  Who would treat your parents monogrammed towels with respect?  […]

5 Lifehacks for Throwing a Great Party as an Introvert

First of all, there’s no such thing as introverts and extroverts.  It’s a false dichotomy developed by psychology majors that didn’t know what else to do with their liberal arts degrees.  Introversion and extroversion are two ends of a spectrum, and you exist somewhere in between the two.  At the extreme extroversion end, you’re probably […]