The M.U.L.L.E.T System for Being Legendary

Acronyms seem to be a great way to condense large ideas into small simple steps that even our readers can understand.  We’ve gotten a lot of questions from you guys lately on what it takes to be a legend, and we’ve got a foolproof system designed just for you.  We call it the M.U.L.L.E.T. System, […]

5 Lifehacks for Throwing a Great Party as an Introvert

First of all, there’s no such thing as introverts and extroverts.  It’s a false dichotomy developed by psychology majors that didn’t know what else to do with their liberal arts degrees.  Introversion and extroversion are two ends of a spectrum, and you exist somewhere in between the two.  At the extreme extroversion end, you’re probably […]