We're giving away free mullets!

So that you can experience the power of the mullet first-hand, and carpe the diem wherever the mullet takes you. Just pay Shipping & Handling.

Mullet Party re-wires the normally subdued and it supercharges the always on. It’s like “being shot out of a rifle barrel lined with baroque paintings and landing on a sea of electricity.”

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"Mullet wigs change everything"

– Chris Sacca on the Tim Ferris Show

What is a Mullet Party?

Mullet Party is the world’s greatest party theme.  The premise is simple: everyone wears a mullet and we guarantee it’s harder for your friends to be boring assholes with mullets on their heads.

The Mullet Party Packs come with 8 unique mullets, hand chosen to bring out the best (or worst) in your friends.  So just set them out, try them on, and let the magic take a hold.  Here’s where to start:

We're working on some dope stuff.

If you’d like us to email you when we release something new, stick your address here.

Your dumb questions

... and our sarcastic answers.

You can get a party pack of mullets by visiting our STORE.

A Mullet Party is a theme designed for everyone, because nobody’s a stranger when everyone’s wearing a mullet.  You can read more in our Mullet Party for Dummies.

Life is so preciously short, and the best times are when we lose track of time altogether.  We found that mullets are the perfect way to do that, and we want to share it with everyone.  It’s good to have fun.

Yes, your girlfriend’s fake gluten allergy will be fine.  

All of our mullets have been tested on animals, and they looked dope af.  We’re in talks with the San Fran zoo to help restore their panda population by giving some to the males.

Not a question, but welcome to the 1%, dipshit. Even our grandmother had fun, and she rarely has fun. If you really are horrible enough to hate it, email us at and we’ll figure something out.

About us :

We’re brothers from New Mexico that love a good party.  We threw our first Mullet Party back in 2017, and it was everything we wanted it to be: our shy friends were hilarious, and our noisy friends were even louder.  Since then, we’ve been spreading the kick-ass-ness.  We think everyone can benefit from not taking themselves too seriously, and we hope that you enjoy Mullet Party as much as we have.
Much Love and Mullets,
Connor & Quin​