Why Mullets?

The question that I get asked the most, is “why mullets? Like what do you do?” 

And the answer is always the same, “you have to see it for yourself.”

I know that’s a bullshit answer from the guy that’s selling mullets, but it’s truly the reason that we started this in the first place. We had some mullets sitting around from the ghosts of Halloween’s past, and they kept coming out at parties. I like to have goofy stuff sitting out at parties because nothing is better for wetting stale bread than some fucking mullets, and that’s been the truest party hack I’ve ever found.

So we have a bunch of different stuff sitting around: some feather boas, some dumb hats, lots of different stupid glasses, and like eight different mullets. It is without fail that as soon as somebody commits to the mullet the night is different. Like some dude will put on a mullet wig and start talking in a hillbilly accent, then a girl will put one on, and then it’s like everybody’s acting like the night is fun… and then it is fun.

It’s always a funny thing, for people that host a lot of parties, to see what tricks the trigger for the night turning up a bit. Sometimes it’s a black swan event, like someone just showed up after eating their fucking party wheaties that morning and brought some serious funk. Other times it’s a really optimal guy/girl ratio and people are just vibing and the night is right. Sometimes it’s fucking mercury in retrograde.

But without fail, it’s been true that when the mullets are on, people are just different. They’re more open to meeting other people they don’t know, they’re more honest and direct, and they’re honestly just less worried about how they come across. It’s like somebody broke all the mirrors and said, “you all look ridiculous so just have fun.”

That’s what I love about it.  It’s like that famous Albert Einstein quote, maybe Abraham Lincoln… “You are a ghost driving a meat covered skeleton made from stardust riding a rock floating through space. FEAR NOTHING”

At its best that’s what I think Mullet Party is about. Except your meat covered skeleton is also wearing a fucking mullet and hanging out with friends. 

I’m not sure what could be better than that.

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