Welcome to the Party

"Everyone that had a mullet loved them, everyone else wanted one."​

– Jarod S. at Southwestern Univeristy

The Mullet Party Pack

The Mullet Party Packs come with 8 unique mullets, each with their own personality to help bring out the best (or worst) in your friends.  So just set them out, try them on, and let the magic take a hold.

• 8 Hand Picked Mullets

• Two Mullet Party Bandanas

• Bitchin Drawstring Bag 

The Mullet Party Pack x2

Twice the mullets for twice the awful decisions, just like your parents are shopping at costco.  Assuming you have enough friends to pull this off, it’s gonna be epic.

• 16 Hand Picked Mullets

• Four Mullet Party Bandanas

• Two Bitchin Drawstring Bags 

Single Mullet Wigs


You’re literally the worst. You are an upper-middle class suburbanite that has been personally victimized by well… everything.


That milkshake is deadly. Your husbands all passed under suspicious circumstances, leaving you rich and looking for #7.


Massive BDE. After losing your virginity at age 9 to a Ukrainian supermodel, you’ve become aware of the effect you have on women. 


90% of your followers were purchased from a Bangladeshi click-farm, but that doesn’t stop you from bragging about it. 


“But why male model?” It hasn’t always been easy for you, being ridiculously good looking, but you’ve always made the best of it. 


Due to either an extreme overabundance or complete lack of parental guidance, you have developed into a terrible human being. 


You’re sus af. Believing that you’re a MENSA candidate, your SAT scores indicate that you’re better suited for community college. 


“Hey boss bitch, are you ready to retire early and work only 3 minutes a week?” You are the persistent thorn in the side of the party.


Honestly, you’re chill af. Chalk it up to good genes, you’ve always been cool and admired by your peers. 


After DJing your little sister bat mitzvah you convinced yourself that being a real DJ was within your grasp.