Britni, the Pyramid Schemer

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You reach out to all the people you bullied in high school to pitch your latest pyramid scheme, Mulletia Beauty. “Hey boss bitch, are you ready to retire early and work only 3 minutes a week?”  You are the persistent thorn in the side of the party. Ignoring the host’s pleas to not spend the night harassing their friends, you’re on a mission to sell some mother fucking Mulletia.

You party superpower is The Blindfolded Makeover : 

After convincing someone that Mulletia is TOTALLLY NOT A PYRAMID SCHEME, you offer a free demonstration of their lipstick product. “The product is so amazing,” you say, “that it can be applied blindfolded.”  You use a headband to cover your eyes and give them a makeover using somebody’s girlfriend’s lipstick.


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