Mullet Party for Dummies

All that's required are mullets and friends. Also a sense of humor, also probably alcohol.

The Basics

A great party starts and ends with a great host (that’s you). We’ve all been to average parties where everyone is subtly checking the time to decide when they can bounce, but your party is going to be different. Nobody is going to ask for the wifi password while they play ‘words with friends’ on the couch, instead they’re going to be catapulted into the night.

The best part about a Mullet Party is that it’s easy and it’s designed for everyone. Nobody’s a stranger when everyone is wearing a mullet, and we guarantee that it’s harder for anyone to be a boring asshole either. We’ve done 90% of the job for you already. Encourage your friends to lean into the mullet, and check out these 9 steps to an unforgettable party. 

Before the Guests Arrive

1. Outfit your friends with a party pack of unique mullets.

Each pack comes with 8 unique mullets, hand picked to be hilarious and awesome. They are gluten free.

2. Set them on the couch and let your guests find the one that speaks to them.

This really eases the first 45 minutes of the party that is normally brutal, before everyone gets a buzz going. Each mullet has its own personality, and your friends will look equally hilarious in all of them. Let the mullet sorting commence.

Once the Guests Arrive

3. If you’re a planner, play a set of hilarious themed drinking games. We like “dumb games.”

Some people love to have a schedule to manage their crippling anxiety about having a house full of relative strangers. If that’s you, then check out the Dumb Games guidelines. Really anything is hilarious when you’re wearing a mullet, but some things are extra hilarious.

4. If you’re a total f*cking maverick, just let the mullets take your party where they will (probably to the back of their cousin Karl’s winnebango).

For our self-selected badasses, it’s not like you’d listen to a word we say anyways. So just have fun, carpe the f*cking noche, and watch your girl when Karl’s around.

5. Provide refreshments. We recommend the “mulletov cocktail”, served straight from the bathtub.

We come from a proud heritage of Western European alcoholics, so we’d never insist that alcohol be involved. However, it is wonderful pairing when used responsibly. Just be respectful, look out for the lightweights, and take a fucking uber home.

Once the Party Arrives

6. Take a deep breath.

You’re doing great, and your friends are having a great time. Take a moment to smile at your silly self in the bathroom mirror and know you’re killing it. Ok, Karl’s eyeing your mother’s jewelry so get back to the party.

7. Take a lot of pictures. You’re going to want to remember how f*cking good you looked before you left your drink unattended around Karl. Oh Karl.

Reliving the party over pancakes is one of our favorite parts. That and going to the county jail to tell Karl you’re not bailing him out this time.

After the after party

8. Follow us, tag us, get featured. We want to see your mullets in action and hear about how you talked down the police. #mulletparty #carpenoche

Throw it on the gram, go ahead and post it on facebook if you’re not worried about letting down your grandparents again. We want to see you rocking the H out.

9. Rinse & repeat.  The mullets are dry-clean only, but round two’s coming in hot.

If our mullets could talk, they would ask to be put down. Unfortunately for them, these high-quality bad boys are the gift that keeps on giving. “Oh, your nephew has a bar mitzvah coming up? I have the perfect thing for that.”